DB - List

Bild "k_DB.jpg" In the topline you find batterystatus, current time and the marqueed name of the
active cache, so you're aware of the whole cachename, even when it's very long.
(long cachenames are not very greatful in GCzII)

Everything else is self-explaining if you've ever seen caches on geocaching.com.
The well known symbols for traditionals, multis and so on are combined with the symbols for finds, own caches and so on.

Cachename and difficulty are shown in the middle. If the cache holds any trackables like travelbugs, you can also see that on the right!

On the right side, you can see distance and direction to each single cache, shown dynamically!!

To change the currenty active cache, just doubleclick it.
You habe a detailed view to that certain cache on Cache